Triumph TR-6

This site is dedicated to those of us that share a passion for the Triumph TR6.

July of 1976 was when the last TR6 rolled off the assembly line in Coventry. And yet, today the TR6 is still renowned by collector’s world wide and continues to grow in value and esteem. Owners lucky enough to get their hands on one can attest to the mystique of this enduring british classic roadster.

The allure of the TR6 was often attributed to its distinctly masculine design – the long hood, recessed grill and bumper come together to give the car an intimidating, aggressive look. The deep set wheels and red banded tires provided an air of distinction. It’s pure british heritage meant it must have a rich wood dash, low-sung leather covered bucket seats and of course, deep pile wool carpeting.

In fact, every man that sees this car in person feels compelled to own one.

And of course that sound – that distinctive rumble of power emanating from the inline six cylinder power plant shouted to the world that this is a sports car to be taken seriously.

So dig in here and share in our delight of this magnificent roadster. Our focus is stritctly on Triumph tr6s (though I have a few other classics in my collection).

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